The Upper Peninsula of Michigan is a popular place to go to for many issues, but waterfalls rank high on the listing. Near Munising, the Pictured Rocks waterfalls are among the most stunning and abundant found wherever within the country.

The sheer number of waterfalls in Michigan is astounding. Some are actually alongside the street, others require hiking, and a few can only be viewed from a boat. You may even combine lots of them into a day of thrilling sights and sounds.

And for waterfall lovers, the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore is a Michigan bucket record vacation spot any time of the year. So, listed beneath are some suggestions for planning your Upper Peninsula waterfall tour.

Alger Falls
In Alger County, this waterfall is well-liked as a end result of it’s really easy to get to and view. Alger Falls is situated right alongside the highway, and you’ll view it on a drive-by. Because of that, it’s particularly engaging to those that are unable to trek by way of the woods.

This cascade-style waterfall is finest viewed after rainfall. It consists of multiple cascades, and the tallest is around 15 toes. In the summer season, the water level on Alger Creek may be extra of a trickle.

> If you want to get nearer, you can park alongside the street and get out for a greater view. Just watch out because it’s on a very busy road.

How to Get to Alger Falls
This fall is located on M-28, which is the principle road going in and out of Munising. You can see it the place M-94 merges with the highway. If you drive straight across M-28 from M-94, you’ll be facing the falls.

Other Pictured Rocks Waterfalls Nearby
This waterfall is close to Wagner Falls, and you may easily visit the 2 of them in one visit.

Au Train Falls
Au Train Falls is on the Au Train River. You go to two falls at this location — the higher falls with a 40-foot drop and the lower falls with a 10-foot drop.

In the spring or after heavy rain the waterfalls are quite magnificent. The setting is sort of beautiful, and the water runs slow sufficient for strolling and frolicking within the water to be pleasurable.

Au Train Falls | picture by way of picture creditHow to Get to Au Train Falls
Au Train Falls is southwest from Munising by way of M-28 and M-94. In about thirteen miles, you’ll see Au Train Forest Rd on your proper (you’ll cross Wagner Falls on the way). Turn there, and the primary right will be Power Dam Rd, which is ready to take you to the falls.

There are two parking tons, one at each waterfall. The stroll to the higher falls is downhill and could be slippery, so watch your step. The walk to the lower falls is short and on a gravel street. Both walks are beneath a quarter-mile.

Bridalveil Falls
Bridalveil Falls has the distinction of being the tallest waterfall within the Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore, and it’s often used in advertisements. Although the water move may only be a trickle during summer, it’s a lot heavier in the course of the spring.

Since there’s no good viewpoint of Bridalveil Falls from the North Country Trail, one of the best locations with a distant view are the Lower Miners Castle overlook and the far west side of Miners Beach.

For the best glimpse, although, you must get out onto Lake Superior in a kayak or on a boat tour. For instance, Picture Rock Cruises provides a tour that includes Bridalveil Falls.

No matter your point of view, seeing the lacy-looking falls plunge one hundred forty feet down the rock face and into Lake Superior is completely price it!

How to Get to Bridalveil Falls
From Munising, go east out of town on H-58 for 4.5 miles, and then flip left onto Miners Castle Rd. It’s 5 miles to Miners Castle, and there’s a car parking zone there. Then, you’ll be able to walk to the overlook or to Miners Beach.

Other Pictured Rocks Waterfalls Nearby
Two other waterfalls are close by — Elliot Falls and Miners Falls.

Chapel Falls
The Chapel Falls trail is a simple 1.4-mile hike that leads to a gorgeous waterfall with a 60-foot drop. Since it’s not proper off a paved street, there’s a great probability that you’ll end up with some elbow room both on the trail and at the falls, even within the busy summer time season at Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore.

> One of the unique things about Chapel Falls is you could walk over, round, and behind it for a number of wonderful views.

If you’re into hiking, Chapel Falls is on the Chapel Loop, which is a 10-mile loop that goes by Chapel and Mosquito Waterfalls and travels along the Lakeshore Loop for 4 miles to the Pictured Rocks cliff prime. You’ll additionally get to see Chapel Rock, which is a magnificent sight.

Chapel Falls | photo via Jesse LandHow to Get to Chapel Falls
Go about 15 miles east of Munising on H-58, and you’ll see a sign directing you to the “Mosquito / Chapel space.” Then, take Chapel Rd north for about 5 miles to the end of the highway where there’s a small car parking zone and trailhead.

You can comply with the trail till you get to the fork. Then, bear proper, and follow the gorge. You can view Chapel Falls from a platform near the highest. You also get spectacular views of Chapel Basin.

> Keep in mind that the trail has slight inclines, and pets are prohibited on all trails within the area.

Chipmunk Falls
Chipmunk Falls might have a drop of fewer than 5 toes, however its bucolic setting makes it one of the nice Pictured Rocks waterfalls to go to. There’s loads of solitude to take pleasure in right here, so that you won’t be disturbed by a crowd of onlookers.

The primary Chipmunk Falls isn’t the one attraction here, though. If you continue walking alongside the gorge, you’ll come throughout Upper Chipmunk Falls too.

How to Get to Chipmunk Falls
To discover Chipmunk Falls from Grand Marais, take H-58 east for about 1 mile. The falls will be on the best, and should you get to Rose Hill Cemetery, you’ve gone too far. There’s no dedicated parking lot, however you’ll be able to park alongside the road.

Look for Chipmunk Creek because it passes beneath the street. The creek has formed a gorge that’s quite steep. Follow the gorge for about four hundred feet to succeed in the falls.

Cole Creek Falls
Cole Creek Falls is a pretty and somewhat obscure cascade-type waterfall on Cole Creek in Au Train Township. It has a complete drop of about 10 feet.

The falls is situated about 5 miles south of Au Train and 10 miles west of Munising. From Au Train, take M-28 east, and from Munising, take M-28 west. When you come to Hwy 552, observe it for about 2 miles.

Elliot Falls (Miners Beach)
If you want another reason to go to Miners Beach, Elliot Falls is gorgeous. The shade of the stone, the sand, and nature are all just pretty.

Bring your camera! You’ll be taking plenty of photographs. The waterfall has two drops, both between 3 and 4 ft. The second drop is essentially the most spectacular. How may you not be impressed by water dropping off a rock ledge proper into Lake Superior?

How to Get to Elliot Falls
Easy to get to, Elliot Falls is at the east end of Miners Beach. From Munising, it’s about 10 miles. Take H-58 east until you get to Miners Castle Rd, which leads north to the Miners Castle trailhead, overlook, and beach. You can simply see the path from the parking lot, and it’s solely about a 5-minute walk.

Horseshoe Falls
Given that many of the other Pictured Rocks waterfalls are free, you would possibly surprise why there’s an entrance fee for this particular one. Horseshoe Falls is definitely on personal property, the grounds are well maintained, and the stroll to the falls is straightforward on a really secure path.

Horseshoe Falls is a mix of styles with a 20-foot plunge and a bunch of cascades. It’s a very serene and attractive location. The waterfall itself is fed by a spring. Because of that, you’ll see a gradual move of water all yr, as long as it’s not frozen over within the winter.

While you’re right here, you presumably can feed the trout in the pond and do the gnome scavenger hunt, which is in style among youngsters. Best of all, it’s a fantastic chance for some retail therapy. There’s a very good present shop as well.

How to Get to Horseshoe Falls
It couldn’t be easier to get to Horseshoe Falls from Munising. Follow M-28 east to Prospect St, which is the left fork. The drive is lower than 1 mile and solely takes about two minutes from downtown. You may even walk to it!

Laughing Whitefish Falls
Flowing via Laughing Whitefish Falls State Park, the Laughing Whitefish River plunges over 100 ft of a sandstone outcrop, adopted by lots of small cascades. It’s an impressive sight and regarded some of the spectacular of the Pictured Rocks waterfalls (even in all of Michigan).

The zero.5-mile hike via the maple and beech tree forest is type of enjoyable. The trail is flat and takes you to the top of the falls. For a different perspective, you probably can climb down one hundred fifty five steps to a lower platform.

How to Get to Laughing Whitefish Falls
This waterfall is about 35 miles west of Munising via M-28 to M-94. From M-94, turn north onto Hwy 327, which turns into Laughing Whitefish Falls Rd. The car parking zone at the end has a restroom and picnic tables.

Other Pictured Rocks Waterfalls Nearby
The closest waterfall nearby is Rock River Falls.

Memorial Falls
Memorial Falls is one of the Twin Waterfalls Memorial Plant Preserve’s falls. Like its twin, Tannery Falls, you probably can walk behind it to see a cave. The waterfall has a 40- foot drop and is type of beautiful, especially in the course of the spring.

> One distinctive characteristic is a window in the wall of the gorge. When you look via the window, you’ll be able to see both falls.

Memorial Falls | photo by way of Christine SnowHow to Get to Memorial Falls
Head east on H-58 from downtown Munising. The trailhead for the falls is situated on the junction of Washington Rd and H-58.

The trail goes over the top of the falls. A 10-minute walk takes you to the underside of the gorge and the pool at the foot of Memorial Falls.

Other Pictured Rocks Waterfalls Nearby
Aside from Tannery Falls, the car parking zone for Munising Falls is simply 1 mile away.

Miners Falls
Miners Falls is certainly one of the best of the Pictured Rocks waterfalls to go to. Fed by the fast-flowing Miners Creek, the falls has a formidable 50-foot drop with an thrilling splash.

The walk to the waterfall is a simple 1.2-mile round journey on a mostly gravel trail with an abundance of wildflowers. When you get there, you’ll have the ability to view the falls from the upper platform. However, the most effective view is from the decrease platform at the bottom of 64 steps.

> Miners Falls can get crowded on weekends, so go on a weekday if you want to keep away from too many people.

Miners Falls | photo by way of Colleen StankiewiczHow to Get to Miners Falls
Take H-58 east from Munising for about 5 miles, and switch left onto Miners Castle Rd. After about three.5 miles, turn right onto Miners Fall Rd. You’ll come to a car parking zone and an easy-to-find trailhead.

Mosquito Falls & Spectacle Falls
Mosquito Falls is a fairly waterfall with two drops. The upper drop is just about 5 ft, however after some rapids is a 10-foot drop. It’s the smallest of the named Pictured Rocks waterfalls, however the hike may be very pretty, particularly when the spring wildflowers are in bloom.

Not far away is Spectacle Falls, which is a cascade-type of waterfall.

How to Get to Mosquito Falls
To get to Mosquito Falls, take the same path to Chapel Falls — 15 miles east on H-58 from Munising to Chapel Rd north for about 5 miles. You can park in the same small car parking zone as Chapel Falls and begin from the same trailhead too. Instead of going right on the fork, go left toward Mosquito Beach.

From the car parking zone, it’s a few 1-mile hike to Mosquito Falls. You’ll cross over the falls by way of a wooden bridge, which supplies you great views from each side. Along the way, you’ll doubtless pass beaver dams and other wildlife.

If you proceed previous Mosquito Falls, you’ll come to the smaller Spectacle Falls near a second picket bridge.

Other Pictured Rocks Waterfalls Nearby
If you need a longer hike, you’ll be able to stroll the entire 10-mile Chapel Loop to see Chapel Falls as well.

Munising Falls
This waterfall is inside the metropolis limits of Munising and is definitely across the street from the municipal hospital. Fed by Munising Creek, the 50-foot Munising Falls drops over sandstone cliffs. It’s a really spectacular waterfall and straightforward to access.

There’s a parking zone, restroom, and visitor heart on the waterfall web site. The stroll to the falls is paved and only 800 ft, so folks of all ages and disabilities can easily go to it. Even should you can’t climb the steps, you’ll find a way to see the falls.

There are two units of stairs to platforms on the proper and the left of the falls. The stairs aren’t too steep and supply great picture opportunities. Who doesn’t take photos when visiting a waterfall?

You can actually walk very near the falls. Because of rockfalls, though, the trail behind the falls is closed to foot visitors.

Munising Falls | photo via The Awesome Mitten TeamHow to Get to Munising Falls
From downtown Munising, take H-58 east to Washington St. Then, turn onto Sand Point Rd the place you’ll see signs for the visitor heart and parking lot. It’s less than a 5-minute drive from downtown!

Rock River Falls
Rock River Falls is a true wilderness waterfall. Located within the Rock River Canyon Wilderness, which is a part of the Hiawatha National Forest, you’ll need to journey alongside some old logging roads to get right here. Having an SUV is an advantage.

After your thrilling journey, you’ll have to hike more than 1 mile to get to the falls. It will not be the best falls to find, but it’s beautiful sufficient to make the effort worthwhile. The Rock River flows right into a pool which then pours into Ginpole Lake.

> Bugs can be a difficulty while you’re hiking, so we recommend wearing bug repellent!

How to Get to Rock River Falls
Rock River Falls is about 29 miles west of Munising by way of M-94 for the first 25 miles. After that, you’ll must travel on FR-2276 (Sandstrom Road) for about 3.5 miles after which on FR-2293 for about 0.7 miles. A parking area shall be positioned on the left.

Other Pictured Rocks Waterfalls Nearby
A little north, you’ll have the ability to visit Silver Falls. Or, go southwest to Laughing Whitefish Falls.

Sable Falls
With a 75-foot drop, Sable Falls is an impressive sight. It cascades over sandstone as it heads toward Lake Superior. This waterfall is uncommon in that it’s surrounded by sand dunes. Visiting Sable Falls involves climbing 168 steps, so be ready for a little workout.

> When you finish viewing the falls, you’ll have the ability to comply with Sable Creek to the small seashore on Lake Superior. It’s well well worth the further zero.5-mile trek.

How to Get to Sable Falls
From Grand Marais, the trailhead to Sable Falls is just a little over 1 mile west. Just take H-58 to Sable Falls Rd the place a parking lot is waiting.

The experience is a bit longer from Munising. You can take H-58 east, and keep to the best to comply with Adams Trail to M-77. Follow the freeway north for about 8.5 miles, then turn onto Newberg Rd and then again onto H-58 earlier than you get to Sable Falls Rd.

Scott Falls
A popular place to visit for a number of causes, Scott Falls is a really engaging waterfall. The falls has a 10-foot drop over a sandstone cliff right into a small pool. More than that, it’s seen from the highway, so everyone will be capable of get pleasure from viewing it.

Scott Falls presents the ability to stroll behind the falls where there’s a cave. You can even let the water trickle over you!

How to Get to Scott Falls
From Au Train, Scott Falls is barely greater than 1 mile to the east. From Munising, it’s slightly greater than 10 miles northwest. No matter which way you’re coming from, you presumably can take the M-28.

This roadside waterfall is right across from the H.J. Rathfoot State Roadside Park. There’s no car parking zone, but there’s a pullover to get you off the highway. If you would like, you possibly can just pull in and snap a few photographs.

Silver Falls (aka Silver Bell Falls)
Located inside Hiawatha National Forest, Silver Falls is a wild waterfall that’s fed by Nelson Creek. It has a 30-foot drop down an almost vertical cliff. The finest time to see it’s through the spring or after a great quantity of rainfall.

How to Get to Silver Falls
From Au Train, you’ll find a way to comply with M-28 west till you turn left onto Deerton Rd and once more onto Deerton Onota Rd. Then, you’ll make a proper onto Onota Hill Ln, which could be fairly tough, until you get to a gate.

Whether or not the gate is closed, you can park here and comply with the highway behind the gate for a 1 mile to the trailhead. The path to the falls is straightforward and only about zero.25 miles.

Other Pictured Rocks Waterfalls Nearby
Rock River Falls is to the south, and Laughing Whitefish Falls is to the southwest.

Spray Falls
Spray Falls plunges 70 ft immediately into Lake Superior. It’s in a category of its personal when it comes to Pictured Rocks waterfalls. To get one of the best view, you actually have to be on the water. You can both lease a kayak or hop on a ship tour.

> The boat cruises are well-liked, so we recommend that you e-book upfront to guarantee a spot and arrive early on the day of your cruise.

You can view Spray Falls from a distance and from a side view too. The Lake Shore Trail passes excessive of the falls, however the lookout level is about 0.25 miles away. The round trip hike to get a view is about four.5 miles.

How to Get to Spray Falls
The trip from Munising is about 20 miles east via H-58 and Adams Trail for about 17 miles. Then, you’ll turn left on County Road 697.

Alternatively, you presumably can head to the Chapel Loop via H-58 and Chapel Rd. From the car parking zone, observe the loop trail to Chapel Beach. Then, hike the North Country Trail east to Spray Falls.

> An attention-grabbing truth is that the shipwreck Superior is in 20 ft of water at the base of the falls and has been there since Oct. 29, 1856.

Tannery Falls
If you like to not take care of crowds, Tannery Falls is an effective choice because it’s hardly ever busy. The water source for the falls is Tannery Creek. It plunges 40 ft over sandstone cliffs into a small bowl-style pond. The spring soften makes it particularly spectacular.

Visiting here within the winter is breathtaking. The waterfall freezes into a shocking piece of ice sculpture. Located in Twin Water Fall Memorial Plant Preserve, Tannery Falls is the twin of Memorial Falls. You can stroll behind the falls too, which provides you entry to a cave.

Tannery Falls | photo by way of Jesse LandHow to Get to Tannery Falls
From downtown Munising, follow H-58 to the junction of Washington St. The Tannery Falls is situated about 1 mile from the Munising Falls parking lot, and you’ll should climb up some wooden stairs.

Other Pictured Rocks Waterfalls Nearby
As mentioned, Memorial Falls and Munising Falls are nearby. Visiting all three waterfalls would be very attainable in at some point since none of them requires a protracted hike.

Wagner Falls
Wagner Falls is kind of an impressive sight throughout all seasons of the 12 months. It’s broad and fast-moving, plunging from Wagner Creek about 20 ft into a gorge where the Anna River flows.

Eventually, the water finds its approach to Lake Superior. This cascade-style waterfall is in a very fairly location with loads of pine and hemlock bushes.

A wooden boardwalk and a lookout deck make this a fantastic waterfall to photograph. There are some stairs to climb to get to the lookout, however some views are provided from the boardwalk as nicely.

How to Get to Wagner Falls
Wagner Falls is only 1.5 miles from Munising. To get there, take M-28 east and M-94 west. Shortly after, you’ll see a small parking zone on the left.

The hike in and out is lower than a quarter-mile. The trail, apart from the boardwalk, is gravel and properly maintained. It’s a simple hike, and the waterfall is wheelchair accessible. Pets are additionally allowed on a leash.

Other Pictured Rocks Waterfalls Nearby
Alger Falls is right down the street from Wagner Falls.

Whitefish Falls
Whitefish Falls will not be in style or well-known, but it’s a lovely hidden gem! Located southwest of Munising and south of Laughing Whitefish Falls, this cascade is about 15 feet broad. The water travels over several rock cabinets.

The highest drop is just about 5 ft, but it’s so pretty. The serenity of the locale may have you snapping pictures like crazy.

In terms of waterfalls, Whitefish Falls is straightforward to get to. Not the drive, which is rather out of the greatest way, however the walk-in is very brief and straightforward. When the water is decrease, it’s straightforward to stroll throughout the river to chill off on a hot day.

How to Get to Whitefish Falls
From Munising, head east on M-28 and then west on M-94 for about 15 miles until it meets up with M-67. Go south on M-67 for about 12 miles, after which turn north onto US-41 for about three.5 miles.

Next, flip left onto State Forest Campground Rd. Not lengthy after, you’ll see a small loop turnoff where you’ll have the ability to park and stroll to Whitefish Falls.

Frequently Asked Questions About Pictured Rocks Waterfalls
How many waterfalls are in Munising?
Within the city limits, there are four waterfalls in Munising — Munising Falls, Tannery Falls, Memorial Falls, and Horseshoe Falls. But, there are 17 waterfalls in Alger County within straightforward driving distance of Munising.

What is the most important waterfall in Michigan?
It is determined by what you mean by the largest waterfall in Michigan and the way the height is measured. In some circles, the tallest is Douglass Houghton Falls at one hundred ten feet. Other folks imagine Bridalveil Falls is the tallest with a 140-foot drop.

On the other hand, Upper Tahquamenon Falls is the widest waterfall in Michigan at 200 ft wide and 50 ft tall. When it comes to volume, it’s second solely to Niagara Falls east of the Mississippi. It’s positioned within the jap Upper Peninsula along the M-123 Tahquamenon Scenic Byway.

How many waterfalls are within the Upper Peninsula?
The National Park Service says that there are between waterfalls in Michigan, with different estimates being 300 plus. Simply put, there are a lot of lovely waterfalls in Michigan!

Plan a Tour of Picture Rocks Waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula
Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore has some of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Upper Peninsula. For waterfall lovers, it’s the right destination with waterfalls of all types and sizes.

All of them are worthy of a go to, however relying in your love of hiking, you’ll find a way to have a straightforward walk or a severe problem. Many of them are shut sufficient to mix the visits into one day!

21 Stunning Pictured Rocks Waterfalls Near Munising Michigan To Add To Your Bucket List
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