Audubon TrailTrail head is located the place the Forest Road 2199 crosses Bidwell Creek north of the city of Womack.The trail is closely forested with no overlooks, and water is out there in Bidwell Creek.The trail is positioned about 15 miles southeast of Farmington, MO. Take highway 32 east from Farmington to route OO; go right on OO (southeast) to route T; go left (east) on route T to just previous the St. Genevieve County line; go left (north) on Bidwell Creek Rd (FR 2199) for about four.5 miles to the Audubon trailhead on the proper facet just earlier than the Bidwell Creek crossing.Maps: USGS | National Geo | Trail map – estimate | Elevation Profile – estimate
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Babler State ParkOnly a number of miles from St. Louis, Dr. Edmund A. Babler Memorial State Park is a convenient hiking area within the rolling hills of the Missouri River system.There are numerous short trails, identified for his or her wildflower displays in the spring.Babler is situated in wildwood. From Interstate forty four, take freeway 109 (exit 264, Eureka) north to route BA, then turn left and drive for two miles to the park entrance. From Interstate sixty four, exit at Long Road and travel about one mile to Wild Horse Creek Road, go proper and journey about three miles to freeway 109, go left to route BA, flip right and drive to the park entrance.Maps: National Geo | Location
Bandelier National MonumentA hotspot of Native American activity in the past, Bandelier is located in northern New Mexico.Visit the Science Club picture archives to see photographs of previous trips/maps of Bandelier National Monument
Beaumont Scout ReservationTrail heads are positioned near Wright Lodge. An official trail map is on the market at the Boy Scout officeThere are many alternative trails at Beaumont, every labeled with differently coloured blazes.Beaumont is located near the exit of Beaumont-Antire road and interstate forty four. At the exit, take Antire highway southwest along I-44 until it bends south. The signal for the entrance to Beaumont is on the left just after the highway turns south.Maps: National Geo |BSA Map |BSA Map Info
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Bell Mountain WildernessLocated southeast of Farmington between routes O and A.Is a really rugged space of the Ozarks, with top-of-the-line high-glade views within the state as well as a wonderful shutins within the valley below.Directions: Drive freeway 55 south to highway 67, drive freeway sixty seven south to 67-BR/highway eight, drive 67-BR to highway 8, go west on highway eight to freeway M, go south (left) on M to highway 21, go left (south) on highway 21 to highway 32, go west (right) on 32 to freeway A, go south on freeway A to CC highway, go left on CC road to the trailhead; if CC street isn’t navigable then we are going to take freeway A to a different trailhead 5 miles south of highway 32 to the parking space for Bell Mountain Wilderness at Ottery Creek.Maps: USGS |USGS (with trails) |National Geo | USFS Trail | Location
Buffalo River National Scenic RiverwayLocated in northwester Arkansas, the Buffalo flows from west to east.Canoeing and hiking opportunities are available in the Buffalo River area.
Castlewood State ParkHas biking and hiking trails near St. Louis, alongside the Meramec River.Maps: USGS | Location
Conservation AreasMissouri has countless conservation areas across the state. The Missouri Department of Conservation publishes an atlas of maps locating all of them.Forest 44 Conservation Area is near St. Louis and has numerous horse and hiking trails in a rugged panorama.Directions: Take I-44 east from St. Louis to exit #272; go south on 141 approximately a hundred yards to the outer highway and go proper (west); take the outer street along I-44 until it curves sharply south and drive simply past the “horse farm” to the Forest forty four parking space.Maps: USGS | LocationBuford Mountain Conservation Area incudes the third highest peak in the state, Buford Mountain, at 1740 feet.Is a really rugged space of the St. Francois Mountains with spectacular views of the Arcadian and Belleview valleys.Directions: Drive freeway fifty five south to highway sixty seven, drive freeway 67 south to highway 32 WEST, go west (right) on 32 to highway 21, go south on highway 21 to route U and the sign for the conservation space, go left on route U to the trailhead.Maps: National Geo | Location | Trek
Cuivre River State ParkLocated northeast of Troy off of highway 61.Cuivre River is a rugged area reminiscent of the Ozarks with wonderful backpacking trails.Maps: National Geo |Trails Map |Trails Description |Location
Devil’s Backbone WildernessLocated 15 miles west of West Plains off route CC.The North Fork of the White River passes by way of the wilderness; there are a quantity of springs in a very rugged landscape.Directions: Take highway sixty three south from Rolla to West Plains; take route CC west from West Plains to the North Fork Recreation Area and the trailhead.Maps: USGS | National Geo | USFS Trail Map | Location |Topo! Exchange USGS
Eminence AreaMany hiking, canoeing, and tenting areas are located within the Eminence area of the state.Prairie Hollow Gorge might be the narrowest canyon in the state, reduce by Prairie Hollow creek into an igneous formation. Maps:USGS | National Geo | LocationRocky Creek has several shutins and Rocky falls, many nice hiking and swimming areas. Maps:USGS | National Geo | Location
Grand Canyon National ParkOne of America’s greatest landscapes – the Science Club visited the canyon in the spring of 2004.Visit the Science Club photograph archives for photos and maps of the Grand Canyon.
Green-Rock TrailThe Green Rock trail is a Boy Scout maintained trail located in the areas of Rockwoods Range, Greensfelder Park, and Rockwoods Reservation.The trail is a 10 mile end-to-end trail that begins on Fox Creek Road at a parking area west of Six Flags at I-44 and Six Flags Road.The trail ends at Rockwoods Reservation, is nearly completely forested, and could be very rugged.Green Rock Trail Map (GPS) |GPX trail information
Hawn State ParkLocated southwest of Ste. Genevieve off freeway 32.Has the ten mile Whispering Pines Trail, with wonderful water provides, good views, and nice again nation camping areas.Maps: USGS hi res |Topo File Exch. |Park Trail – hi res | National Geo
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Hercules Glades WildernessLocated east of Branson off of freeway 125.Contains huge glades and a wonderful creek with small waterfalls.Arguably Missouri’s finest wilderness area.Maps: USGS |USGS (with trails) | USFS Trail | National Geo | Location
Irish WildernessLocated southwest of Van Buren off route J.Contains the nearly 20 mile Whites Creek trail which passes by the Eleven Point River and two springs in addition to Whites Creek Cave – an excellent wilderness space.Maps: USGS |USGS (with trails) | National Geo | National Geo Cropped
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Leatherwood CreekLeatherwood Creek drains into the Jacks Fork southeast of Summersville. It has quite a few beaver dams and numerous caves.Maps: USGS 1 | USGS 2 | National Geo | Location
Lower Rock CreekLocated east of Fredericktown off route E.Is an extremely rugged space with poorly maintained trails, but with presumably one of the best high-glade views and rocky shutins in the state.Directions: drive freeway 55 south to highway sixty seven; take highway sixty seven south to freeway E at Fredericktown, go west (right) on freeway E about 10 miles to the St. Francis River, immediately past the St. Francis river make a proper on County Rd. 511 (CR 511), drive about 1 mile on CR 511 (pass over a low water bridge) and go left on an unmarked forest highway (1st left previous low water bridge); drive to 1st parking space and park… Maps: USGS | National Geo | Location | 2/13-15/09 Trek Map
Maramec Spring ParkLocated eight miles southeast of St. James off of Interstate 44.Is a trout fishing park that has been extensively developed because of its popularity.Maps: National Geo | Location
Meramec State ParkLocated 4 miles southeast of Sullivan off of highway 185.Many caves are located throughout the park and the trail passes from forest to glades.Maps: USGS |USGS (with trails) |National Geo | Location
Montauk State ParkLocated south of Rolla in central MissouriA rugged park with trout fishing and day hiking.Directions: freeway 44 southwest to Rolla and highway 63; highway 63 south to Licking and highway 137; highway 137 to route VV east; route VV east to freeway 119 and the park…Maps: National Geo | Location
Natural AreasMissouri has many pure areas, most with poorly maintained trails.Big Barren Creek Natural Area is a rugged space not removed from Irish Wilderness. Maps:USGS | National Geo | LocationCowards Hollow has a waterfall that runs in moist climate that is also not far from the Irish Wilderness. Maps:USGS | National Geo | LocationCastor River Shutins (Pink Rocks) – is a beautiful shutins on the Castor river east of Fredericktown off route J. Maps:National Geo | LocationJamup Cave is a natural area on the Jacks Fork River. A big cave entrance peers into the Jacks Fork river valley. From highway 60 west of Mountain View, go north on State Highway OO. Go north on OO to County Road OO-493, about 2.4 miles. Go north and west on County Road OO-493 about 1.4 miles. Go proper (south) on the T-intersection on the ridge at altitude marker 1056. Drive approximately 1.2 miles to the parking space on the best, which is simply before the road turns sharply north. Park and walk the jeep trail across the mouth of Bear Hollow. Walk downstream again on the south bluff of the Jacks Fork to the roof of JamUp Cave. Walk downstream alongside the bluff (north) until you attain a drainage within the bluff that can (barely) enable river bottom entry on the east aspect of the doorway of JamUp Cave. You can enter the cave and stroll to the waterfall pool in the again. There is a sinkhole that is explorable to the north of JamUp, and the tunnel entrance is simply additional north of the sinkhole. Bring a good map. Good luck – it is difficult trekking! Maps:USGS 1 | USGS 2 | National Geo | LocationHughes Mountain is a natural area with an excellent view and a unique geology. Its high is a big glade with unique polygonal igneous rock formations. To attain it, travel highway 21 about 10 miles south of freeway eight in Potosi to freeway M. Go east on M for about three half miles to the parking space on the best, just east of Country Road 541. Maps:National Geo | LocationPickle Springs and Orchid Valley are pure areas near Hawn State Park. Pickle Springs has a 2 mile hiking trail, creek crossings, overlooks, and slot canyons. Orchid Valley is a forested canyon that may only be hiked with permission from the Ranger at Hawn State Park. Maps:Pickle Springs USGS Trail Map USGS of PS and OV | National Geo of PS and OV PS-OV Location Map | Pickle Springs Trailhead Map
Onondaga Cave State ParkLocated south of Leasburg on route H.A great car-camping and day-hiking space with a great wildflower show in the spring.Directions: highway forty four southwest to Leasburg exit (#214), route H south to park…Maps: USGS with trails
Paddy Creek WildernessLocated 13 miles west of Licking off of freeway 32.Has pure stands of shortleaf pine, several arches, and contains rocky glades.Includes the 17 mile Big Piney Trail which connects the west Roby Lake Trailhead to the east Big Piney Trailhead.Water sources embody each Big Paddy Creek and Little Paddy Creek which circulate together on the east end of the wilderness.Directions: highway forty four west to Rolla; freeway 63 south to Licking; highway 32 west: Big Piney Trail Camp is accessed by traveling 7 miles west on 32 from Licking, and then 6 miles north on Forest Rd 220 to the camp; Roby Lake trailhead is accessed by traveling 20 miles west of Licking on Highway 32 to Roby, then 1 mile north on Highway 17 to Forest Road 274, then zero.6 miles southeast on FR274 to the campground and trailhead; the Slabtown River Access is accessed by traveling 3.5 miles west of Licking on Highway 32, then driving northwest on Highway N for about 2 miles to Highway AF, then driving 6 miles west on AF to the river access. (150+ miles).Maps: USGS |USGS (with trails) | National Geo |USFS Trail |Location
Piney Creek WildernessLocated west of Table Rock Lake in southwest Missouri, Piney Creek is a particularly rugged landscape.Maps: USGS | National Geo | USGS Trail | Location
Roaring River State ParkLocated west of Branson in southwest MissouriA rugged park with trout fishing and day hiking.Directions: highway forty four southwest to Springfield and highway 60; freeway 60 west to highway 37; highway 37 south to Cassville and freeway 112; freeway 112 south to the park…Maps: National Geo | Location
Rock Pile Mountain WildernessLocated 3 miles southwest of Fredericktown off of freeway CA rugged hiking/backpacking area with a wonderful shutins.Directions: highway fifty five south to freeway 67 south, freeway sixty seven south to highway C south (at Cherokee Pass), highway C south to freeway CC west; freeway CC to private parking area near Cox cemetery…Maps: USGS |USGS (with trails) |National Geo | USFS Trail | Location
Roger Pryor BackcountryLocated south of Rolla off of highway 72.The Roger Pryor Backcountry is a portion of the Pioneer Forest which is Missouri’s largest privately owned forest.The Backcountry trailhead lies at the parking space of the old Himont Tower. The Backcountry features a thirteen mile Blair Creek section of the Ozark Trail, the 12 mile Brushy Creek trail, and a 2 mile Laxton Hollow Trail. The backcountry additionally consists of over 10 miles of Current River frontage.Directions: Take highway 72 south of Rolla to state freeway P, go south on P to county highway P-235, go southwest on P-235 to the Himont Tower Parking space, which lies between the Laxton Hollow (east) and Brush Creek (west) hiking areas (parking area coordiantes = 37.30954,-91.24507 NAD83/WGS84)…For more data, go to the Pioneer Forest.Maps: Brushy Creek USGS |Laxton Hollow USGS |Location
S-F Scout RanchLocated south of Farmington off of freeway 67.Contains the 21 mile 3-Notch Trail, a rugged trail that passes by mountaineering and rapelling areas, as nicely as Castle Rock.Directions: freeway 55 south to 67; highway 67 south past Farmington; turnoff is 2-3 miles past Knob Lick (higway DD).Maps: National Geo |S-F BSA Map |S-F BSA Map Info
S-F USGS (with trails) |Location

Sam Baker State ParkLocated south of Fredericktown off of highway 143.Contains the 12 mile Mudlick Trail, a rugged trail that has several hiking shelters and passes through an attractive shutins in Mudlick hole.Directions: freeway fifty five south to sixty seven; freeway 67 south to 34; freeway 34 west to 143; freeway 143 to park.Maps:USGS |USGS (with trails) | National Geo | Park Trail Map | Location
St. Francois State ParkLocated north of Desloge off freeway sixty seven.Contains the thirteen miles Old Loggers Trail, which passes through limestone glades, small creeks, and small waterfalls.Maps: USGS |Park Trail Map |Trek Map |National Geo | Location
St. Francis River ShutinsThere are several shutins along the St. Francis – Silver Mines and Tiemann.Maps: USGS | National Geo | Location
Southern IllinoisFerne Clyffe State Park, south of Goreville, IL. Directions: Take I-57 south to Goreville (exit #40, 12 miles south of Marion), go east about 5 miles to route 37. Go south on route 37, to the park entrance 1 mile south of Goreville. Ferne Clyffe USGSGarden of the Gods, situated southeast of Harrisburg, IL. Directions: Take highway fifty seven from I-64 to Marion IL, route 13. Go east on route 13 about 25 miles to Harrisburg, IL. In Harrisburg, turn right (south) on US one hundred forty five for about 5 mile to route 34. Go south on 34 about 5 miles to Karbers Ridge Road. Go east on Karbers Ridge Road about 2 and a half miles to the Garden of the Gods Road. Go north on the Garden of the Gods road about 1 1/2 miles to the recreation area entrance on the left. USGS Map of Garden of the Gods (no trails)Giant City State Park, situated south of Carbondale, IL. Directions: Take I-57 south to Marion, route 13 (exit 54B), go west (right) on route 13 about 15 miles to Carbondale. Go left on Giant City Road (at the Walmart). Drive 12 miles south on Giant City Road to the Park. Giant City USGSThe Little Grand Canyon, located south of Murphysboro, IL, within the drainage of the Big Muddy River. Directions: From Murphysboro, IL, take twentieth avenue south which becomes Town Creek Road. Just after Town Creek Road curves west, turn left (south) on Hickory Ridge Road. After touring somewhat over 6 miles, and final passing Poplar Ridge and Wiley Road, turn right on the Little Grand Canyon Road. Take the Little Grand Canyon Road a short distance – less than a half-mile – to the parking/picnic space. USGS Topo Map (no trails marked): Little Grand Canyon TopoSnake Road, a 2.5 mile section of LaRue Road/Forest Service Road No. 345, between Larue Swamp and the Mississippi River bluffs; the street is closed from March fifteenth to May 15th and Sept 1st to Oct. 30th every year; situated southwest of Murphysboro, IL, from the North take IL route 3 south of Redbud 62 miles to Muddy Levee Rd; go left on Muddy Levee Rd for 2.8 miles to the T-intersection at Larue Rd; go right on Larue Rd. to the parking area at Winter Pond. Wolf Lake USGS Topo Map, USDA Guide, Snake Road parking USDA map

SpringsThere are tons of of springs within the Ozark Highlands.Greer Spring: Located off freeway 19 south of the Eleven Point River.Maps: National Geo | Location
Taum Sauk TrailLocated between Pilot Knob and Johnson Shutins State Park.The trail passes by Minasauk Falls, the best waterfall in the state, as well as numerous glades and many creek crossings.Maps: Johnson Shutins SP USGS | Taum Sauk trail USGS
Taum Sauk Mtn USGS | Location

Washington State ParkLocated southwest of Hillsboro off highway 21.Contains a 10 mile backpacking trail.Maps: USGS | National Geo | National Geo with Trails
Park Map |Park Map Info | Location

Eastern Missouri Hiking Trails
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